Augmented Advertising & Sales – the first in the CEE region conference about AR and VR in marketing and sales to take place in Poland

Augmented Advertising & Sales – the first in the CEE region conference about AR and VR in marketing and sales to take place in Poland

Today’s consumer, operating between the digital and the real world, influences corporate business models, significantly in the communication and sales domain. How to link the consumer with the brand in both digital and real world? Using virtual and augmented reality. On the 16th May in Warsaw, the most practical conference will take place, fully dedicated to the use of these technologies in marketing, sales and advertising – “Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE”.

Chamber of Digital Economy, Polish Society of Marketing SMB and ContentHouse agency are willing to start a serious discussion on the subject. The first step is organizing the Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE conference – the first event in the Central Eastern Europe region that is fully dedicated to the capabilities, use cases and the future of the augmented and virtual reality.

Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska

The Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE conference responds to the business needs in the domain of augmented sales and advertising. In New York, at the biggest retailer event, those technologies have been named the main trend in the communication with the virtual consumer – says Patrycja Saas-Staniszewska, e-Chamber CEO. – A lot has been said about connecting the offline and online world, about building a unique customer experience. Still, there is no platform to share the practical application examples for the VR and AR technology in advertising and sales, as well as to share the concerns and potential limitations.

Urszula Zarańska-Skarżyńska

As a modern society, we started to transform ourselves from the „big data society” into the „algorithm society”, as the man of the 21st century needs support to surf through the information maze, also through the commercial aspects of it. Effective algorithms supported by good visualization can serve as a great tool for effective communication between the marketers and consumers. VR, AR and other means of augmented communication allow the consumers to apply attractive interaction forms with the available information and choose the most useful ones in the process of decision making. What else could be asked out of marketing?Urszula Zarańska-Skarżyńska, General Director, Polish Society of Marketing SMB comments on the subject.

During the conference, the participants will learn about the new implementations of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the Artificial Intelligence domain supporting technologies serving augmented sales. Organizers provide access to the unique know-how that until now was available only in the marketing departments of the large companies. The invited experts will tackle the subjects of trends and research in the ever developing domain, will show inspiring case studies and will share their know-how.

Grzegorz Miłkowski

Conference participants will have the opportunity to meet a lot of specialists – from researchers, to marketing and sales experts, to practitioners, who create and implement VR and AR technologies every day in various marketing and sales projects – says Grzegorz Miłkowski, ContentHouse CEO – Together with those experts we will present the way to build a consistent experience path for the user in the most important modern areas: digital, AR, VR, social media, content marketing, DOOH. The aim is to achieve consistency and complement naturally all of the areas at the verge of technology and marketing – Miłkowski adds.

The conference is held under the sponsorship of the following international organizations: AR/VR Association and Ecommerce Europe.

Direction of the development and the capabilities of use of virtual technology, augmented or mixed reality in media is the subject that is often a priority for the most important players in the advertising and marketing world. Even greater interest comes from the use cases of the AR and VR in marketing campaigns and the results those campaigns. What is being widely discussed abroad, is not common to be discussed in Poland due to lack of willingness and know-how. Even less people want to invest in a new, unknown technology.

The Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE conference will provide the most experience and knowledge to the people that intend to build consumers’ experience in a maverick way, to deepen the interaction with the product in the store and through e-commerce, to create augmented formats in the advertising campaigns on Facebook or through content marketing. There will also be subjects connected to the use of VR and AR in the outdoor advertising and printing. The industries that can particularly benefit from this technology are fashion, beauty, automotive, retail, real estate and online stores.

Augmented Advertising & Sales CEE Conference will take place on 16th May 2019 in Warsaw. Ticket pre-sales has just commenced.

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Niech Cię widzą w sieci! - Grzegorz Miłkowski

Augmented Advertising & Sales – the first in the CEE region conference about AR and VR in marketing and sales to take place in Poland

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